• Technological feed
    for calf rearing

  • Food for accelerated
    early weaning

  • Specialists in
    starter food

  • Hyper-digestible food
    for the littlest ones

  • Optimised final fattening feed for calves




Let's watch for health and
the animal welfare



Our products follow
strict quality controls



They endorse us more
30 years in the sector

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A human team devoted to the most advanced nutrition, with the principle of the consumer in mind

The Company SERVERAM, SL with more than 30 years of experience, is located in the North-East of Spain, in the Municipality of Hostalets de Balenyà (Barcelona), an eminently Cattle and Industrial region.

In all of Spain, our region is the first in slaughter of pig cattle with more than 21 million pigs a year, representing 43% of the national pig hut according to the 2017 Census. In Bovine we are also the first, where they fatten annually more than 354,000 calves destined for slaughter, being 32% of the Spanish Bovine hut.

With the experience gained in feeding and handling animals in cattle, goats, sheep and pigs, the Raltec technical team has studied the growth delays and pathological triggers of infants when they are separated prematurely from the mother.

Our tenacity, has led us to very advanced domains of Nutrition, in terms of the problem of weaning, both in Ruminants and Monogastrics.

Thanks to the constant information that we receive from our veterinarians, collaborators, distributors, suppliers and clients, it makes our decisions orientate in a continuous improvement, being more than justified our continuous investment in I + D + i.

Also to our continuous technical development, our Commercial-Technicians can open and establish themselves in International Markets.

We want all our products of Maximum Quality to satisfy the final consumers, and that our clients find in us a safe and effective supplier, in order to obtain economic results. We supply products that meet the safety and quality requirements agreed with our customers, their own quality requirements, and that respect the current legal framework at all times. For all these reasons we want to provide products in perfect conditions, as well as being extremely rigorous and demanding in adapting the characteristics of our products and facilities to the applicable legal regulations.

Thanks to our continuous technical development, our Commercials can open and establish themselves in International Markets.