All SERVERAM's products supplied to their customers
have been produced according to the Dutch protocol

That implies that there is a specific and useful protocol to ensure the absence of any food safety problems, having means to:

  • A complete and efficient traceability system.
  • A manufacturing organization designed to avoid any kind of cross-contamination.
  • An extensive suppliers evaluation system, focused on food safety.
  • A guarantee system for the blend quality. A quality control plan specifically targeting on to safety.


Quality and Legislation

Quality Policy

SERVERAM, S.L. is a company from the food industry which core business is manufacturing and y and marketing animal nutrition products.

We want all our products to satisfy the final consumers, and our clients to trust us as safe and effective suppliers, in order to obtain some economical benefits.

We commit ourselves to providing products that meet safety and quality requirements as agreed with our clients, the appropriate quality conditions which respect the current legal frame at any time.

For all these reasons we supply products in perfect conditions, as well as become extremely rigorous and demanding in the adequacy of our products features and facilities to the legal provisions applicable

Director SERVERAM S.L.

System Structure

Serveram S.L. Quality system is based on:

A structure that ensures the Management of the Quality System, in order to allow the system settlement, documentation, implementation and standardization .

It particularly warrant:

  • The system design to be run according to the standard guidelines listed in the reference rules
  • The documentary system to reflect the real production, and to remain constantly up to date.
  • The job done in accordance to the written procedures, and especially:
    • The collection and processing of all the claims
    • Defective products are conveniently segregated
    • Records are suitably dealt with
  • The implementation of the standard system maintenance to ensure its perfect running. It is particularly expected:
    • A system with corrective and preventive actions in order to grant that the same mistake is not made twice.
    • An internal auditing system to verify the proper system running.
    • A check-up system able to improve and follow-up inspection that the system is running accordingly to the customers' requirements and needs.

The system has some previous requirements. These are necessary conditions for the smooth functioning of the quality plan. They work independently, and actualise a lot of the current legal rules themselves.

The quality plan comprises two distinct parts which work under the same documentary pattern to make the system more practical. One of them ensures the food safety and the observance of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points  (APPCC / HACCP) requirements. The other part, ensures the compliance of the product specifications. There is, thus, a double control:  On one hand, the food safety and on the other, the specifications observance.

A whole set of Support Documentation, holds up the entire structure described above. Here we can find some common tools to the entire system, or to ease its comprehension. It is particularly expected:

  • Product specifications
  • Raw material specifications
  • Workplace specifications
  • Plans
  • List and inventories
  • Màster schedules
  • Etc

Eventually the system is constantly generating a set of registries that allow its efficiency control as well as its verification.


Quality objectives and improvements revision

It will assess the validity of the quality objectives, taking in account the system's effectiveness evaluation results, revising customer's requirements, the review of the Quality Policy. Considering what we have seen, the procedure will be:

  1. Analysing the possible improvement points.
  2. Selecting specific significant and feasible objectives.
  3. Development of potential improvement proposals.

R & D Development

Since 1988, our experience in food and handling bovine livestock and pig among others, and, thanks to our R & D investments, RALTEC technical team has studied the breastfeeding animal's pathological triggers when they are prematurely separated from their mothers. Our tenacity has led us to very advanced Nutrition domains in all the weaning problems.

The classic animal Nutrition, reached its limit years ago. Because of this, RALTEC knows for sure, that the only way of developing new animal progressive feeding concepts which we call “INTELLIGENT NUTRITION”, is through R & D.

Thanks to our continuous development, our agents succeed  worldwide. In order to achieve all this success, it is essential the joint work between our R & D Department with our veterinarians, collaborators, distributors, customers...

Their demands, perceptions, advices, are those that direct our improving decisions and, once developed the product, we proceed with the analysis of the obtained results, being very satisfactory and justifying our continuous inversions in our R & D Department.