The largest international trade fair in Turkey in 26 years, which brings together more than 600 exhibitors as well as160,000 visitors from more than 40 different countries. The event will help to attract further investments and to facilitate implementation of brand new technologies from last year. We are there like every year, as it is an great opportunity to fulfill all business partners at the same time.


From the 6th to the 8th of June 2013, our company was at the AGRENA trade fare, which, over the time, is becoming the most important trade fair for poultry, livestock and fish in the Middle East. Its intended to bring and expand to new horizons, to get the know how of the latest technologies, products and services. They are three days at El Cairo International Conference Center (CICC), a place where a great and growing number of exhibitors interface year by year, with visitors from other countries, providing new business contacts.


From 19 to 22 March, 2013 we attended the 11th edition of the international trade fair FIGAN (Fima Ganadera) for animal production, a Must Stay for the livestock sector. It is in an optimal position in the European high level market, with more than 58,000 visitors and more than 800 exhibitors, one of the best sideboards to introduce our company and products.

An excellent guideline for the sector proffessionals, innovative knowledge of the market, a wide products and services offer, bisides being innovative and exhaustive. We assisted to live demonstrations and new product launches. We took part of conferences and techincal workshopsabout technical aspects


The 75th edition of theSIMA-SIMAGENA lounge, a worldwide Livestock and Agriculture Supplier's trade fair, was visited by our company from the 24th to the 28th February 2013 at the exhibition Centre of Paris-Nord Villepinte.


The 26th lounge SPACE was held September 1 to 14, 2012 at Rennes, we were there in a very positive environment, with high quality echanges, as much in the exhibitors stands as in the fifty proposed conferences.

According to many exhibitors, the contact with the visitors was very productive in all sectors, including the livestock, the biggest participant. With 3 hectares of very complete material exhibition, giving the trade fair a great dimension. Many technological innovations for future livestock were launched, drawing the attention of many farmers who were looking for new techonolgy and efficiency for their futre projects.


This Professional European event, we were there between the 2nd and the 4th October, is one of the main international exhibition halls specialized in especializados in animal output.

It received about 1.250 exhibitors, 380 of them were international and 800,000 professional from which about 3.300 were foreign from more than 70 countries.

Located in the heart of the Macizo Central, renowned at European level for livestock meat, becoming an exceptional showcase with about s 2,000 high genetic value animals.

Over the three days, animal presentations, business meetings, technical innovation competitions («Les Sommets d’Or»), VIP guests, conferences and high level talks, ...


From the 2nd to the 10th June in the CNEMA (Centro Nacional de Exposiciones y Mercados Agrícolas),the 49th edition of the National Agriculture and the 59th Ribatejo, the most important in the agricultural Portuguese sector.

This time it has been about the livestock from different points of view, taking into account the importance of the economy organization and development, therefore, paying much more attention to the promotion as a way of making publlic the shown products to the visitors. 

There is one area that deserves to be highlited among the others: the exhibition and sale of: farming equipment and machinery, other livestockand related sectors products and services, exhibitions and cattle competitions, equipment and trade elements, handicraft and gastronomy. An event not to be missed, with more than 160 visitors, offering a very diverse group of contacts and business opprtutnities.


We attended to this trade fair in Germany between the 13th and the 16th November 2012  A place were innovation, tendences and the new analized trend. We shared the hall with about 2,500 exhibitors and  160.000 visitors, of which 38,000 were international.

There were a lot of talking points on related current issues about the raising of different animal species: birds, cattle, pigs ,... and also meeting points were conversations are about special concentrated for animal feding, very interesting questions for those ones that work in the livestock breeding and for those who supply in this regard.